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What to expect on every visit:


Trash Emptied *1
Bath Tubs, Showers and all Tile cleaned Shower, Doors, & Sinks*2
Chrome cleaned and polished
Vanity counter-top & Mirrors
cleaned and shined
Wood and Tile Floors
vacuumed and damp mopped
Carpets vacuumed
Toilets thoroughly cleaned inside and out
Window Sills & Ledges hand wiped
General dusting and all cobwebs removed


All Picture Frames, Ceiling Fans, Lamp Shades and all Home Decors dusted

Wood Floors vacuumed and damp mopped

Stairs and Hallway Rugs vacuumed*3

All readily Accessible Floors vacuumed

Window Sills and Ledges hand wiped

Furniture surfaces hand wiped

Baseboards hand wiped

Accessible Furniture and upholstery vacuumed

Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed*4

Empty closet floors vacuumed, if space is available


Trash Emptied *1

Floors vacuumed & damp mopped

Microwave wiped out

Outside, Top, & Front of the Range Hood cleaned*5

Stove top degreased and cleaned

Glass top surfaces wiped

Sinks and Chrome cleaned & polished

Fronts of all appliances cleaned and polished

Counter tops cleaned and sanitized

Wipe down front of cabinet doors

Window sills & Ledges hand wiped

General dusting and all cobwebs removed

Living Areas

Wood and Tile floors vacuumed

and damp mopped

Stairs vacuumed

All readily accessible floors vacuumed*3

Picture frames dusted

furniture/flat surfaces dusted

Ceiling fans dusted

Lamp shades dusted

*Service Exceptions

*1 (trash Bags replaced if accessible- bags are not provided by Kane’s Cleaning)

*2 (Grout is not detailed however, if your require grout detailing you can find it in my a' la carte service section)

*3 (I will vacuum around clutter however, I will not pick up random items that may clutter the area)

*4 (I will do my best to reach under all the furniture, however, I will not be moving it unless other arrangements have been made in advance)

*5 (Underneath, requires a separate task found in my a' la carte cleaning section)

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